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Petar Tale

By the time Tale settled in Norway in the late 1970s he had already gained a cosmopolitan understanding of the global art scene, which has reinforced all his subsequent creative endeavours. Before he arrived he had laid the foundations of a promising artistic career for himself, both in Europe and in New York and established invaluable international networks.

Tale was born in Montenegro on August 14, 1947. As a very young child he showed an exceptional aptitude for drawing and painting. In his later teens and as a young man he studied art and travelled widely in Europe - familiarising himself with contemporary art trends. In the time honoured tradition of artist collectors, it was at this time he began his life-long passion for collecting art-works, usually drawings and hand–made prints – his fervent interest in drawing has only increased over time. Naturally Tale was interested in the global centre of contemporary art of the time, New York – so he duly crossed the Atlantic to investigate for himself.

In 1976 Tale moved to Norway where he soon established an optimistic critical and financial response with his painting, culminating in a highly successful one-man show at Blomquist, one of the premier art-auction houses in Scandinavia. At this stage in his career Tale took stock and carefully considered his next steps. He decided that, above all, he wished to take control of his own future and have complete artistic independence. With this aim in mind he decided to take on the beautiful, yet practical house at Brogate 2.

When the opportunity arose he asked Kore Tveter, the Norwegian painter, to join him. They worked side be side – Tale on the ground floor, Tveter on the first, for several years - a generation apart, their inspiring professional relationship was based on mutual artistic respect and trust.

Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s Tale chose to focus almost exclusively on the production of a body of work, which, including drawings, now numbers over 15,000 pieces. His oeuvre also contains, for example vast and distinguished canvases of over 5 metres long. Attracting renowned and well-respected collectors on both sides of the Atlantic, Tale’s artistic reputation is assuredly advancing. A beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated book, The Art of Petar Tale was published in the spring of 2006. The book can be aquired by sending a message at the bottom of the webpage.

Petar Tale
Images from the art of tale
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