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A short history of Tale Art Museum 1983-2008

Brogata 2, Lillestrom, now the reknowned centre of the Tale Art Museum, was built in 1885, on the banks of the River Nitelva - only a ten-minute journey from central Oslo and also the main international airport, Gardermoen.

The gracious white-painted wooden building, in the Norwegian adaptation of the Swiss Chalet style, much favoured then in Norway, was at first used by a prosperous wood-merchant as his family home. Subsequently though the house acquired a more chequered history. Now thanks to the artist Petar Tale’s dedicated hard work and inspiration, it is an undisputed artistic jewel in Norway’s cultural heritage. The house itself has, happily, now been served with a preservation order.


Tale first saw Brogata 2 on a fishing trip to Lillestrom in 1983. As a young, rising artist, he realised the building’s potential, both as a studio and an attractive gallery – and this he soon accomplished.

Later Kaare Tveter, a Norwegian painter moved into the upper floor to work alongside Tale at Brogata 2. So began a now legendary relationship in which both men flourished professionlly in their creative endeavours. The building at Brogata 2 offered the two artists a sanctuary in which to quietly concentrate on their painting. They both forged new paths in their own spheres creating a dynamic and highly productive phase in Norwegian Art History.

Throughout this time at Brugata 2, Tale, now working by himself, since the onset on Tveter’s ill health, has continuously presented regular exhibitions, focusing on Tale’s own work and that of Tveter, together with the work of artists of acknowledged international stature.

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